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Acid Peptic Disorder

What is Acid Peptic Disorder?

Acid Peptic Disorders (APD) include a number of conditions whose pathophysiology is believed to be the result of damage from acid and pepsin activity in the gastric secretions .

Burning sensation in chest spreading to throat along with a sour taste in mouth

Chest pain

Difficulty in swallowing

Sphincter abnormality



Drinking alcohol

Spicy foods

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Don’t leave your stomach empty

Take cold milk several times a day

In aurveda acid peptic disorder is considered under Grahani disorder. Acid peptic disorder is mainly caused due to aggravation of pitta dosha in the body and reduced digestive fire which causes ama or toxins in the body which further causes the symptoms of acid peptic disorder in the body.

So our physicians advice Panchkarma therapies which will eliminate toxins or ama from the body which are creating further complications in the body,  increases the digestive fire, balances the pH level of the acid that is producing in the stomach which helps in digestion and absorption of undigested food and makes the digestive system stronger. Also increases digestive fire by eliminating the aggravated doshas from the body completely. These therapies doesn’t cause any side effects in the body. Also increases the absorption and function of the medicines that are given orally.

Our physician advices oral medications along with Panchkarma therapies which act as a natural coolant and relaxant which tones up and protects the stomach. Also increases digestive fire.  So, that the patient doesn’t suffer from the same problem again.

Apart from this food also plays an important role in treating the disorder. So, our expertise dietician will complete guidance regarding what to take and when to take. Yoga instructor will also guide you to make your digestive system by suggesting some yoga asanas.

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better