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The condition is known as memory loss or amnesia. It is an abnormal degree of forgetfulness and/or inability to recall past events.


Altered mental status

Difficulty concentrating

A number of chronic medical and psychological conditions


Mild cognitive impairment

Neurodegenerative diseases


As the age increases 


Alzheimer’s disease

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Stay mentally active

Socialize regularly

Manage chronic conditions

There has not been a permanent treatment for amnesia in modern science. So, Ayurveda focuses in presenting and improving the condition and quality of life by natural medicines. In Ayurveda it has been believed due to depletion in myelin sheath and also due to degeneration of nerves. In these cases, our pysicians advice panchkarma therapies which reduce the demylination and degeneration of the nerves. Apart from this it boost the nervous system and enhance the brain function which boost the memory. These therapies makes the brain calm and relax. Also reduces stress and also helps in treating the condition of insomnia. It will overall enhance the health condition of the patient and builds the immunity apart from boosting brain and strengthening the nervous system. Also does not cause any kind of side effects in the body. These therapies should be taken on regular interval to regulate the mental stress.

Along with this ayurvedic medicine which comes under the category of medhya rasayan are also prescribed. These medicines will reduce the complaint of memory loss, helps in remembering things for longer period of time by boosting the memory and strengthening the nervous system. Also diet and yoga are advised which will be beneficial for the patients of amnesia.

We also treat other mind related disorders like Parkinson’s disease, stress, insomnia, weak memory etc.  

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