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What is Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction, communication, by restricted and repetitive behavior.

Avoid eye contact and want to be alone.

Have trouble understanding other people’s feelings or talking about their own feelings.

Repeat actions over and over again.

Have trouble adapting when a routine change.

Delayed crying. 

Complications during pregnancy.

Sex: – Boys are about four times more likely to develop autism spectrum disorder than girls are.

Other disorders: – fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, Rett syndrome etc.

Extreme pre mature baby. 

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Get vaccinated. Make sure you get the German measles (rubella) vaccine before you get pregnant. It can prevent rubella-associated autism.

Early diagnosis and intervention are the most helpful and can improve behavior, skills and language development.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder which affects physical, mental and social development of a child. Also behavioral changes are seen in children affecting from autism. But by holistic and authentic approach, Ayurveda gives new hope in management of autism. Apart from that it also improves the quality of life of a child and also works wonder in overall growth of a child.

Our physicians advises panchkarma therapies according to the need of the child. These therapies will make the musculoskeletal system or bones strong, reduces spasticity and improves the tone of the muscle, helps in providing the strength by improving the digestion. Most importantly, works on mental health by reducing hyperactivity and anger in the child and boosts the memory. Also, it helps in developing the milestones that are delayed in the child.  

Also provide oral medicine that are medhya rasayan; medicine to improve digestion and immune system.  Also, improves other symptoms by improving the digestive fire which helps in absorption of food which helps in growth of a child. Also it strengthens the nervous system and boosts the memory. 

Dietician and yoga instructor will give complete guidance regarding to yoga and diet that is beneficial in the child.

We also treat other pediatric diseases like Cerebral Palsy, DMD, BMD, delayed developmental milestones, malnutrition, etc.

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better