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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome??

It is a common condition that cause pain, numbness and tingling in hand and arm. In most patients, it gets worse over time So early diagnosis and treatments are important.

    1. Numbness, Tingling and burning pain primarily in thumb and index, middle and ring fingers 
    2. Pain or tingling that may travel up the forearm towards the shoulder 
    3. Weakness and clumsiness in hand


  1. Heredity 
  2. Repetitive hand use
  3. Hand & wrist position 
  4. Pregnancy
  1. Any damage to the wrist joint or hands 
  2. Frequent repetitive movements of hands and wrists 
  3. Abnormally small bones that form the Carpel tunnel Syndrome 
  4. Being pregnant and menopausal 
  5. Being Obese

Have a question?

  1. Watch your grip 
  2. Minimize repetition 
  3. Rest your hands 
  4. Strengthen muscle 
  5. Reduce Speed & force

Our Physician Will examine your properly and advise therapies like Patra Pinda Swedana, Shastik Pind Swedna, Dhara, Greeva Vasti & along with internal medicine & Yoga Therapies will advised.

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