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Ayurvedic Management of sciatica


 Due to job profiles and other reasons now a days back pain is very common but its prevalence varies according to the definitions used and the population studied. A large study reported an incidence of 28.0 episodes per 1000 persons per year and for low back pain with sciatica an incidence of 11.6 per 1000 persons per year. Low back pain affects men a little more than women and is most frequent in the working population, with the highest incidence seen in those aged 2-64 years.


Modern medicine is having no specific treatment especially for sciatica that’s why an elaborate study has been undertaken to have an in depth knowledge about the concept of sciatica in Ayurveda terms.


As the disease has not been described elaborately as other diseases, just under vat vyadhi it has summerised in Ayurveda classics.

Ayurveda categorized Gridhrasi as one of diseases caused by vitiation of Vata (one of the principle dosha in the body, responsible for the movement and functionality of the body).

Two types are mainly described as

  1. Vataj
  2. Vat Kafaj

Ayurvedic treatments for Gridhrasi concentrate on bringing back the aggravated Vata or Vata Kapha to the state of equilibrium and thereby to the state of health.


Clinical Presentation of Patient

A male patient 34 years old, came with the complaint of lower backache since 2 years.

And pain radiating towards leg and little toe in (right leg).

Pain was more on right ankle region.

Stiffness in the morning, since 1 year.

Constipation since 6 months.

Also sleep was disturbed.

On Rog Rogi pariksha and Dashavidha  pariksha following results disclosed-

  1. NADI – Vataj pradahan with Guruta
  2. AGANI – Madhyam
  3. PRAKRUTI – Pitta pradahan Kafa anubandhi
  4. KOSHTA – Krura
  5. BALA – Madhaym
  6. MALA – Sam
  7. MOOTRA – Prakrut
  8. KSHUDHA – Prakrut
  9. JIWA – Sam
  10. SATVA – Madhyam

Treatment Planning

With above findings, line of treatment was decided according to Vat Kafaj Ghridrasi.

In the first phase it is necessary to clean out samta from patient with the help of medications.

Following plan was decided to follow –


To regulate fire element, (Pcahak Agni) deepan pachan is necessary.


As patient was suffering from constipation, Anuloman was necessary.

Mharasnadi kashay was used along with the Erand oil, so that it will also help out for betterment of Vat dosha.


After Deepan, Pacahan and Anuloman vyadhi pratyaynik medicines were used.

  1. Dashamool kashaym
  2. Yograaj Guggulu
  3. Sameer pannag

Basti was planned, as it is best karma for all kinds of Vat vyadhi. Also basti is termed as half karma in total Panchakarma.

 Anuvasan basti and kashay basti was planned.

  1. Asthapan basti with Rasna Erand Muladi and Anuvasan basti with Sahachar oil was given alternately for 21days.

( Abhyangam + swedan  was carried out as purva karma)

  1. Kati vasti with Bala tel was given for 40 min.
  2. Patra potali swed was given over lower body to over come Aam condition, and reduce pain due to stambha.

Along with above therapies, some internal medicines were given listed below.

  1. Mahayograj guggulu
  2. Maharasnadi kashaym
  3. Dashmool kashayam

Results of the treatments

Patient was having relief over back pain and over ankle area where it was radiating.


All therapies given were Vat anulomak and Vat shamak. To break the pathology internal medications were given, hence Eranada oil gave nourishment to the Asthidhara kala by Upsnehan Nyaya.

Panchakarma helped out to come out of pain. Basti played main role to brek pathology also and to overcome pain also as it is the best therapy for any Vata vikara.


Ayurveda brings out better solutions over pain management, and provide healthy way of life.