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Management of Skin disorder


On the basis of dosha involvement,Kushta (Skin diseases) has been divided in many types by Acharyas in Ayurveda, but mainly as Mhakushta and kshudra kushta.

 Ek-kushta is one of kshudra-kushta. Aswdanam (not perspire), mahavastu (extensive) and yana-masyoshakalopamam (looks like fish scale), arun varna (discoloration) are the main symptoms ek-kushta. In modern era, different types of pollution, lack of proper diet, uses of various cosmetic, chemicals, disturbed sleeping patterns and life style, all these lead prevalence of skin diseases day by day.

Line of Ayurvedic treatment for kushta is shodhan and shaman chikitsa. Shodhan chikitsa can be given by Vaman (emesis), Virechana (purgation), and Raktamokshana (jaloka / leech therapy).


A 36 years old male patient came to us with following chief compliant –

  1. –Itching, redness , oozing from skin on chest area . since 7 years
  2. Itching on medial side of the thigh. since 7 years
  3. Constipation since 2-3 months.
  4. Excessive sweating

Patient was having history of –

  1. Shwas ( allergic bronchitis) in childhood
  2. Inguinal hernia operated 7 years before.

Nvavidha Pariksha

Nadi (pulse) = pitta and vatpradahan

Mala (stool) = awastambha

Mutra = Prakrut

(Jeeva (tounge) = Eshat saam.

Agni =Tikshna

Prakiti = Pitta Pradhan vata anubandhi.

Koshta= krura

Bala = Madhyama.

Kshudha = prakrut

Satva   = madhyam


Skin Diseases


Following procedures were followed while giving treatment-

Pacahana was done before proceeding to panchakarma.

Panchakarma ( Shodhan chikitsa)

  1. Vaman

To balance the Kapha dosha and to reduce the itching and oozing  which is mainly caused due to kapha dosha.

Madanfal , yashtimadhu, vacaha ,pippali were used for vaman .

  1. Virechana

To balance the Pitta dosha and to reduce redness and oozing through skin.

Ichabhedi Rasa was used for virechana.

  1. Jaluka Avcharana

Jaluka / leech was used for betterment of the blood and therefore reducing skin problem.

Shaman chikitsa-

Various medications were used enlisted below-

  1. Gandahak rasayana
  2. Krumikuthar rasa
  3. Shnkha vati
  4. Mhamanjishtadi kashay
  5. Suvarana sutshekhar ras
  6. Kaishore guggulu

Along with the Ayurvedic medications some Nataropathy therapies were also given to patient these are below-

  • Mud therapy:-

Mud therapy can prevent and treat damage cause to the skin due to excessive heat. It has the ability to heal the body from the inside and correct any disease.

  • Herbal Lepa therapy:-

 Being rich in magnesium chloride, it has cooling property that helps to skin from inflammation. Herbal lepa has shown to have antipyretic, fungicidal, antihistamine and antiseptic property.

  • Immersion bath:-

When patient is immersed in the water, there is an increase in the blood supply to the muscles, which in turn increase muscle metabolism to remove toxins.


As described in the Samheetas Shodhan chikitsa is the best for any skin problems.

So in this case also, due to panchakarma symptoms of the patient reduced greatly, like itching, oozing through skin and redness.

With jaloka avcaharana, localized healing of skin improved greatly.

Different medications were used to

Gandhak Rsayana having properties of raktadushtinashak and kushtagna as well as remarkable property of reducing itching , so reduces the symtom of kandu of patient .

Kaishore guggulu acts on blood, helping to purify it and reducing heat. Krumikuthar ras beneficial on Kfaj krumi to reduce, as kafa leads to formation of krumi.


Hence above case study shows that, Ayurvedic herbs along with panchkarma therapy shows highly significant results in Kushta.