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For your child’s healthy tomorrow

Child Wellness

Instead of playing a physical game, they spend a considerable amount of time on mobile games for kids. This is one of the reasons blurry vision is so common in children nowadays, not to mention other vision problems in kids associated with playing games online excessively.
There are myriad problems the children are faced with, ranging from the food they eat, typically fast food that also includes burger and pizza, to the pressures of different types that hurt them emotionally as well as physically. These pressures, societal, parental or the ones developed after one gets caught in the whirlpool of desires to do or achieve something BIG in life, all show up on a child’s body and his/her psyche in the form of diseases and disorders. They take to eating a lot of junk food, smoking, and in certain cases, drugs. There is a stark contrast between what is being touted as a balanced diet for children and what they actually eat, thus reducing child wellness to a mere slogan.
Data suggests that by 2025, 17 million children in India are expected to be obese. Parents should be aware that obesity in a child may pose a greater health risk with time if not checked early. There are also other major ailments to which the children fall prey such as malnutrition, respiratory disorders, depression, skin disorders, etc. Many even start to have grey hair at young age.
Sri Vaidya is committed to providing an array of child wellness solutions using different Ayurvedic methods and treatments to children aged between 0-18 years. We believe that every child deserves a healthy and happy childhood, which if achieved will help us usher in a better and safe tomorrow.
Sri Vaidya’s child wellness therapies, which in part are administered using Ayurvedic massage oils especially body massage oil, are instrumental in achieving the following:

Healthy hair & brain​

It is every parent’s aim to see their children grow well and their brains reach full potential…

Healthy eyes​

Children wearing prescription glasses and relying heavily on oral medications is a common..

Strong muscles​​

High-quality child care is considered important for a child’s overall development. However..

Besides, our Complete Wellness Package helps your child in overall wellbeing.