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Rooms that Rejuvenate

Inpatient Facilities

Our hospital is well-equipped to provide accommodation for patients, attendants, and staff in a variety of rooms and wards where care meets comfort, all in a home-like atmosphere. You will be very big on all our inpatient  facilities, from deluxe rooms to the best Ayurvedic therapies and treatment. Pick up and drop, organic food, personalized care, and much more.


Our aim is to 1) alleviate the suffering 2)eliminate it and then 3) make the patient as healthy as befitting their age. It is along those lines we chose to name our deluxe rooms Nirvana, which according to Cambridge Dictionary means a state of freedom from all suffering or a state of being perfect. Our deluxe rooms are designed for patients’ comfort, privacy, and satisfaction. Each room comes with a single-bed for the patient and a launger for attendants. One of the most intriguing features of the rooms is the natural light, the windows to the outer world through which you can enjoy watching the midnight’s moon and bright and sunny mornings. The rooms are spacious enough to navigate and do more activities besides having spick and span wooden furnishing. You will not miss your home here. 

Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room


‘Jeevan’ is a Sanskrit word and stands for ‘life’ in English. Our endeavour has always been to make it worth living, hence the name.  Our single rooms offer a plethora of facilities that patients and attendants can benefit from. The interior and aesthetics are in line with the science of life, which infuse positive vibes in the occupants and pave way for better healing. You can have your attendant/companion in your room 24/7 and share your experience with him/her and in turn have their opinion on your healing journey with us.

Single sharing
Single sharing


‘Pragati’ is a Hindi word and it means ‘progress’ in English. You will have firsthand experience of it when you book our twin-sharing room. We heal better if others around us heal with us. Patients will experience the same phenomenon in our twin-sharing rooms with no compromise on their privacy and personal space. The rooms are equipped with all the basic facilities that will enrich the patients’ experience while staying in the hospital. 

Double Sharing

The other notable features of the rooms include.


Nature surrounds us. It is within and without us. ‘Prakrti’ is a Sanskrit word and it means ‘Nature’ in English. We have named our general ward as Prakrti, your place to heal. Patients can avail the best inpatient facilities and treatment at a reasonable price in our General Ward. We have made sure that there is enough space in the ward so that the free movement of the patients is not hampered, besides taking the best care of their privacy and comfort. You can also meet your family and friends who come to visit you during the day.

General Ward

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