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Healthy brain & hair in children

Healthy brain & hair in children

Healthy brain & hair in children

It is every parent’s aim to see their children grow well and their brains reach full potential. This is only possible if we introduce wellness to children from an early age. It is those early years which are important for the children’s later health and during which they must be protected from diseases and other dangers. Small negligence on your part concerning your children’s health at this stage can have disastrous consequences for them.

Sri Vaidya solutions

At Sri Vaidya, with the use of several proven external procedures of Ayurveda especially Panchakarma therapies, your child’s brain as well as hair will have a life-long health protector. These therapies, which involve the use of different jadi buties, oils, and lepas combined with the use of medicated kadhas, work effectively on brain nerves and the scalp. They have been in use for ages in the Indian traditional medicine and are being used by great vaids to this day.  

The curative properties of panchakarma therapies are unmistakable. They help children in many ways such as mental and emotional wellbeing, concentration and academic performance, manage healthy weight balance, eating habits, mood changes and other behavioural issues, etc. They are also helpful in treating a range of problems in children such as headache, dandruff, thinning hair, etc.

The difference will be visible only after a single session. You will find your kids more active, more productive, more focussed, and healthier than before.  The therapies will greatly help your children during exams, which require them to be in the relaxed frame of mind. 

We completely understand the challenges and health issues of 21st-century kids. Our in-house experts, keeping in mind your children’s needs, medical history, lifestyle, and body doshas, prescribe several customized therapies that will help them develop a healthy brain and hair. There are many therapies that our consultants may recommend to your children aged between 5-18 such as Shiro Abyangham, Shirodhara, Nasyam, etc., but we have chosen to write here about a few only.


It involves the continuous pouring of warm oil in oscillatory movements over the forehead of a child for at least 30-45 minutes. The oils that are usually used include Ksheerabala, Brahmi, and Shankhpushpi.

Ksheerabala: It is considered to be a very effective Ayurvedic remedy and helps strengthen children’s bones and joints and nourishes their body tissues. 

Brahmi: From the shape of its leaves to its remedial powers, the plant is all about the brain. Its leaves bear a striking resemblance with cerebellum of the human brain. Brahmi oil is helpful in improving child’s brain function, memory power and soothing the head. It strengthens hair and prevents hair fall, besides reducing stress and anxiety. 

Shankhpushpi: Call it a potent memory booster or brain tonic, Shankhpushpi simply befriends your brain and helps it grow healthy. It is well-known for improving intelligence and brain functioning. It is also effective in enhancing concentration and learning capabilities in children.

The benefits of Shirodhara for children include:


It is somewhat similar to Shirodhara, but in this case, milk or buttermilk is used in place of oil.


The benefits include:

The price starts at Rs. 3000.