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Healthy eyes in children

Healthy eyes in children

Healthy eyes in children

Children wearing prescription glasses and relying heavily on oral medications is a common sight these days. While there are several reasons for deteriorating eye care, but data suggests that increased screen time is among the leading causes responsible besides exposing the children  to several other health issues such as neck and back pain, fatigue and headaches.

The prolonged use of gadgets like computers, cell phones, tablets, etc., causes many eye and vision-related problems collectively called as Digital Eye Strain. The problems include blurred vision, dry eyes, eyestrain, shoulder pain, apart from the already mentioned headaches and neck and back pain. The reason why children develop such issues is because of the glare on the screen, poor lighting, and improper seating posture and viewing distances while using the device.

Sri Vaidya solutions

Ayurveda offers us both hope and cure, and it lies in starting early. We at Sri Vaidya will introduce your child to its infinite benefits through Panchakarma therapies administered by trained therapists. Besides, with our multi-pronged wellness program, we will inculcate in them habits that shall help them take better care of themselves throughout their life. There are several therapies that our in-house experts may recommend based on your child’s age and body doshas that are not only beneficial for children’s eyes but help them concentrate better also. However, we have chosen to write here about the most effective of them all.

Akshi Tarpana

The name defines it all. Akshi means eyes and Tarpana means nourishment. In this procedure, a dough ring made of black gram is built around the eyes of a child and then medicated oils are poured in the cavity. The child has to lie on their back, remain calm and motionless, and keep blinking from time to time. 

Akshi Tarpana has the following benefits:

The price of the therapy starts at Rs.2000.