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What is Leukoderma??

The complete or partial loss of skin pigmentation giving rise to white patches in skin is known as leukoderma or vitiligo. This happens when the pigment producing cells in our body die or function improperly. Leukoderma is associated with many social stigmas but it should be kept in mind that the condition is neither contagious or nor life threatening.

Appearance of pale/ white patches on skin

Premature greying of hair

Loss of colour of mucous membrane inside mouth, nose and genitals

The exact cause of leukoderma is not known. It may be an autoimmune disorder where body attacks its own cells.

Genetics: Leucoderma tend to run in family

Age: It commonly appears below 40 years of age

Autoimmune disorders: presence of other autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s disease, Type 1 Diabetes

Have a question?

There is no known way to prevent vitiligo.

Leukoderma is not a life-threatening condition. Skin conditions may often cause sense of low self esteem.

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better