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Ligament Injury:

What is Ligament Injury:??

Ligament injuries are among the most common causes of Musculoskeletal joint pain and disability encountered in  primary practice  today. Ligament injuries create disruption in the balance between joint mobility and joint stability, causing abnormal force transmission through the joint resulting in damage to other structures in and around the joint.

 Pain, feeling loose in the joint 

  1. A loud pop or snap during the injury 
  2. Swelling within the first 24 hours after injury
  3. Inability to put weight on the joint without pain or any weight at all

A sprain is due to direct wound or sudden twisting of the joint, which may occur during sports activities or perhaps because there is an accident or fall.

    1. Over use of Muscles 
    2. The sudden increase in amount and intensity of Physical training 
    3. Using sports equipments in the wrong way


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  1. Focus on balance 
  2. Don’t forget to warm up and stretch
  3. Practice proper technique 

Our physicians will examine you properly and advise therapies like Abhyangam, Patra Potli Sweda, Kashaya seba, Dhara, Pichu Lepa, Upnaha along with the internal medicines will advised

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