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Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

People feel crazier, sadder and angrier … and need relief. This line from the “2017 Wellness Trends, from the Global Wellness Summit” is as true today as it was 3 years ago. In fact, if one digs deeper into the current mental state of mankind, things look much worse and the relief even more elusive.

According to the World Health Organization, depression will be the largest health risk in the world by 2030. This projection is in stark contrast with the belief that the richer the people get, the happier they become. Anxiety disorders and loneliness, too, are on the rise.

Where are we getting it wrong then?  And does it mean there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

Wellness experts believe that people have to learn “the discipline of living again”, implying that one must learn to strike a balance in one’s life, and in this balance lies the key to a healthy and happy life. Our approach to health is body-dominated, giving little to no importance to mental wellbeing.  And that ultimately leads us to despair and destruction.  

So, is there any system that gives equal importance to mental health as it gives to physical health?  

Yes, there definitely is, and that is Ayurveda. This 5000-year old healing science emphasizes on the balance of one’s body, mind, and soul through the right thinking, the right food, and the right lifestyle.

Sri Vaidya solutions​

The way to mental wellness is through body and vice-versa. Both have to be tended to with equal care. We have several therapies that our mental wellness experts may recommend you after proper consultation, keeping in mind your body doshas and lifestyle. But we have mentioned only a few here.

Shiro Pichu

Human body is an inverted tree, according to Ayurveda. Head is where its roots lie and is considered to be the command-and-control system of the entire body. Shiro Pichu works exactly there, as the name itself suggests. ‘Shiro’ means ‘head’ and ‘Pichu’ means a ‘swab’ or ‘sterile cloth’ which is soaked in medicated oils. The cloth is then placed on the crown of the head.

It has the following benefits:

Shiro pichu 2

Abhyangam ​

It is a scalp-to-sole warm oil massage that has several health benefits, mental as well as physical. It is given by a trained massage therapist and is usually accompanied by controlled strokes on certain areas of the body for greater effects. With regard to mental wellness.

Abhyangam has the following benefits:


It is one of the five Panchakarma therapies used for the detoxification of body and mind. When translated from Sanskrit, Virechana means ‘purging’. It is the purging of toxins from one’s body and involves a series of steps and ayurvedic herbs that lead to the gathering of the toxins in the small intestine and finally their discharge from the body through the rectum. The purification therapy, which takes up to 3-8 days.

Contributes to the mental wellness in the following ways: