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orthopedic package


Orthopedic Pain Relief Packages

Inclusions are detailed below:-


Consultation Process

Two consultation :- Ayurveda & Naturopathy

Nadi Parikshan

Prakriti Vishleshan


To know more about our consultation process 

  • Panchkarma Therpies – 2 Sessions
  • Naturopathy Therapies- 3 sessions
  • Accupressure – 1 session
  • yoga -1 Session
  • Ayurveda aahar vihar- Diet/Lifestyle management
kati vasti
Deluxe Room -sri


Our hospital is exceptional to give convenience to patients, chaperons, and staff in an assortment of rooms and wards where care meets solace, all in a home-like atmosphere. You will be extremely enthusiastic about the entirety of our inpatient offices, from choice rooms to the best Ayurvedic treatments and treatment. Get and drop, natural food, customized care, and significantly more.

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