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What is PCOD??

It is also known as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It is a very common condition affecting 5% to 10% of women in age of 12-45 years. It is a problem in which woman’s hormones are out of balance. It can cause problem with menstrual periods and make it difficult for her to conceive. The  features include no ovulation, irregular periods, acne and hirstuism. If that treated it can cause insulin resistance diabetes, obesity and high cholesteral leading to heart disease.

  1. Irregular periods (occurring every 2 to 3 months )
  2. Heavy Bleedings 
  3. Unusual body and facial hair growth 
  4. Stubborn acne 
  5. Weight gain 
  6. Pigmentation and darkening of skin around neck region 
  7. Male pattern baldness
  8. Headaches
  1. Early age of Menarche
  2. Unhealthy life style 
  3. Pollution
  4. Production of male hormones in high quantity genetics
  1. Family history of infertility and diabetes 
  2. Mother’s Irregular Menstruation 
  3. Unpleasant mood 
  4. Lack of Physical exercise

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Adapting a healthy life style can help prevent its most serious complications like Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Diseases

Our Physician will examine you properly and advice therapies like Virechana, Nasya, Shirodhara and uttarbasti  for PCOD along with diet and life style modifications.

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better