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Peripheral Vascular Disease

What is Peripheral Vascular Disease??

It is a blood circulation disorder that causes the blood vessels outside of your heart and brain to narrow, block, or spasm. It is also known as PVD, arteriosclerosis obliterans, arterial insufficiency of the legs, claudication, intermittent claudication.

Pain in legs and calf region. 

Heaviness, tightness, or tiredness in the muscles of the legs.

Buttock pain.


Blood clots. 

Inflammation of the arteries or arteritis.

History of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or stroke. 


Inactive (sedentary) lifestyle.

Have a question?

Avoiding smoking. 

Controlling your blood sugar, if you have diabetes.

Working to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

We will counsel you and then provide you therapy like leech, rakta mokshan etc. 

Our ayurvedic physician will provide you best oral medicine. 

Dietician will suggest you proper diet which is good for you. 

Yoga instructor will instruct you proper yoga.  

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better