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Pilonidal Sinus

What is Pilonidal Sinus??

The word pilonidal means “a nest of hair”. It is formation of a small tract or sinus in the cleft of the buttocks. It is usually filled with hair, debris and dirt which can get infected and ooze pus, blood and give foul odour. It is most commonly found in males of age group 16-30 years.

Swelling, redness and pain in the affected area.

Drainage of pus or blood 


Area is tender to touch

Foul smelling

The causes of pilonidal sinus are not known.

Any pressure or friction may cause hair between the buttocks to be pushed inwards. Hair around the buttocks and shedding hair collects in the pilonidal sinus. This may be attributed to being hairy and excess of male hormone.


Excessive body hair

Sitting for prolonged period

Being obese

Sedentary lifestyle

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Avoid sitting for a longer duration

Maintain cleanliness

Pilonidal sinus is treated using ksharsutra therapy. Ksharsutra is a medicated thread which is processed several times in different alkaline herbs. It has the property of cutting the granulated tract and healing the wound at the same time.

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better