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Ulcerative Colitis

What is Ulcerative Colitis??

Ulcerative Colitis is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease which causes Inflammation and ulcerations in the large intestine( Colon) and rectum. The symptoms develop gradually over a period of time and is rarely acute. The symptoms generally start during teenage or early adulthood but the disease can affect any age group.

Wide range of symptoms are present according to the affected site and the extent of inflammation. Generally the symptoms are milder if the inflammation is confined to rectum than colon. Commonly presented symptoms are:

Abdominal pain or cramps

Diarrhea often associated with blood and pus

Generalized weakness

Pain in Rectum

Rectal bleeding

Weight loss

Loss of appetite

Sudden urges to defecate

Feeling of incomplete evacuation of bowels

There is no known cause of Ulcerative Colitis. Immune System which protects the body from harmful pathogens acts abnormally against body’s own cells and cause inflammation and ulceration. The condition may also be genetically inherited because people having family history of Ulcerative Colitis are more susceptible to get the disease.

Genetics: Family history of Ulcerative Colitis

Age: People less than 30 years are more likely to develop the disease

Race or ethnicity: Disease is more prevalent in Whites, People having Eastern European and Jewish descent.

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Dietary modifications

Eat meals on time

Avoid spicy food, alcohol, excess fruits, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks etc.

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Add more green leafy vegetables, berries, herbal teas to diet

Lifestyle modifications

Manage stress

Sleep on time

Do moderate physical exercise

Stay hydrated


We treat Ulcerative Colitis using treatment principles mentioned in Ayurveda along with dietary and lifestyle modifications like yoga and meditation to keep stress at bay.

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better