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Loss of Libido

What is Loss of Libido??

Reduced sexual desire is known as loss of libido. It affects both men and women at some of their life. There may be problems related to relationship, stress or may also indicate medical condition.

Loss of libido may be associated with following symptoms:

Decreased sexual desire

Inability to get or sustain erection


Painful intercourse in females

Vaginal dryness

Relationship problems

Stress, anxiety and exhaustion

Getting older


Excessive alcohol consumption and drugs

Underactive thyroid

Side effect of use of oral contraceptives

Other health conditions like hypertension, diabetes etc.

Use of medications like anti-depressants, psychosis medicines, anti-hypertensive etc.


Anxiety and depression

Poor body image

Previous negative sexual experiences

Use of medications like anti-hypertensive, anti-depressants, seizure and psychosis medications.

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Counselling in case of relationship problems

Change of medications if they are causing issues with libido

Manage stress

Health diet and lifestyle

Proper assessment of the patient is done to find the root cause of the problem and treated according to the treatment principles of Ayurveda. Oral medications and therapies like abhyanga, swedanam, uttarbasti, shirodhara etc. is advised along with diet, yoga and meditation.

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better