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Neck Pain

What is Neck Pain

Pain and stiffness in the neck is known as neck pain.

Pain that’s often worsened by holding your head in one place for long periods, such as when driving or working at a computer

Muscle tightness and spasms

Decreased ability to move your head

Muscle tension and strain due to poor posture.  

Working at a desk for too long period of time without changing the position. 

Jerking neck during exercise. 

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Sit straight in your chair with your lower back supported.

Shoulders should be down and relaxed.

How it is treated in Sri Vaidya

Therapies are administered according to age, health condition. Like Ghriva Basti, Abhyanaga

Medicines are prescribed according to the ayurvedic doctors.

Yoga therapies:- Bharadvaja’s twist Bitilasansa.  

Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better