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January 28, 2021 By admin In Digestive System, Treatments
Hepatitis What is Hepatitis?? Inflammatory condition of the liver is known as hepatitis. It is commonly caused by viral infection. These are Hepatitis A,B,C,D and E. Other non infectious causes include drugs, alcohol, toxins, autoimmune disorders etc. Hepatitis can be acute or chronic. Symptoms Abdo...


January 28, 2021 By admin In Digestive System, Treatments
Acidity What is Acidity?? Acidity or Acid reflux is characterized by sour eructation or burning sensation in the chest or throat due to excessive acid secretion by the stomach which moves up the esophagus or food pipe. If the symptoms persists for more than twice a week, then it is called GERD (Gast...

Liver Disorders

January 27, 2021 By admin In Digestive System, Treatments
Liver Disorders What is Liver Disorders?? Pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck is known as headache. There are many causes of headache. Frequent headaches may cause a hindrance to day to day activities. Symptoms General symptoms of liver disorders are: Yellowish discolouration of skin and ...

Acid Peptic Disorder

January 20, 2021 By admin In Digestive System, Treatments
Acid Peptic Disorder What is Acid Peptic Disorder? Acid Peptic Disorders (APD) include a number of conditions whose pathophysiology is believed to be the result of damage from acid and pepsin activity in the gastric secretions . Symptoms Burning sensation in chest spreading to throat along with a so...


January 12, 2021 By admin In Digestive System, Treatments
Constipation What is Constipation It is described as having fewer than three bowel movements a week. Symptoms Passing fewer than three stools a week. Having lumpy or hard stools. Straining to have bowel movements. Causes Lack of fiber rich diet.  Colorectal problems like hernia, scar tissue, divert...


January 12, 2021 By admin In Digestive System, Treatments
Indigestion What is Indigestion?? It is defined as a persistent or recurrent pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen. Symptoms Early fullness during a meal. Burning in the upper abdomen.  Bloating in the upper abdomen. Nausea. Causes Overeating or eating too quickly. Fatty, greasy or spicy food...