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Men's Wellness

Men of all ages, including senior citizens, and from all walks of life can avail our men’s wellness  Ayurvedic therapies and treatment. Relax and rejuvenate yourself at our top-notch Ayurvedic hospital. Best Ayurvedic doctors always by your side.
Not paying the required attention to health has made matters worse for men. From life-altering diseases to life threatening ones, they are battling them all.Our bodies work like machines that apart from requiring healthy food as fuel also require regular maintenance. Carelessness in either case means inviting a plethora of diseases and minimizing your life expectancy. It may be a bitter pill to swallow that men’s food habits these days are nothing short of bad eating habits.   
A lot of health issues in men are associated with the current lifestyle they lead, which for the most part is sedentary and haphazard. One of the recent studies concluded that “demanding schedules, high stress levels, lack of physical activity and poor eating habits have resulted in nearly 72% of the corporate employees become prone to heart diseases (cardiovascular diseases)”. It is even worse for night shift employees as they are at more risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack.  This is for sure going to give many men out there some sleepless nights! But we are not here to frighten them but to genuinely find the causes of sleeplessness that have been affecting them for months or years on end and cure them accordingly.  
On the other hand, in the name of male wellness, markets have been flooded with pills and potions which are being used without any expert advice on their effectiveness and side effects. That is a dangerous trend and may cause irreversible damage to man’s wellbeing. Men should also acquaint themselves with in depth knowledge by reading various health topics that concern them, that will be a bonus and prepare them well in advance for old age health problems, if and when they occur.   
Be it a student, a businessman, a corporate employee, a senior citizen, or any other professional, everyone in this day and age seems to be bogged down with problems of every type and kind. If students, on the one hand, find it cumbersome to study and finish their unending list of tasks, the same holds true of other professionals except the fact that in their case only the tasks differ.  Personal care takes a big hit, and with this productivity in work also becomes a casualty.  
Hair fall in men is yet a other problem that has adversely impacted their life and added to emotional baggage. Add to it the obesity in men, and eye pain caused by working long hours on various types of devices. 
There is a time to rend and a time to sew, says the great author Paulo Coelho. Our Panchkarma therapies are tailored to meet your overall men’s  wellness needs. You can avail them whenever you want, as our doctors and therapists remain available 24/7. Our Panchkarma treatment process is simple and smooth consisting of five essential procedures like Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, and Raktamochana to cleanse your body of the toxins. 
In case you want to rejuvenate and dedicate more time to your wellbeing, we will be happy to take good care of you. You can greatly benefit from our rejuvenation therapy. Moreover, we offer complete skincare for men in which skin disorders of any type are treated meticulously.  
With our men’s wellness therapies, men can benefit in the following ways:

Muscle wellness

Many people seem to be trapped in a lifestyle, which has severe ramifications for their health, especially the muscular system, and productivity. The nine-to-five grind, night shifts, long-distance daily commutes, heavy workloads, and pressures and stress take a huge toll on one’s body. The lack of physical activity and healthy food also adversely affect the body’s muscles and bones. This can lead to complications in body movements, postures, and blood circulation. 

But if we adopt wellness, we are in for a good change then. A change that will bring health, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Sri Vaidya solutions​

The way to healthy muscles is through wellness, and Sri Vaidya Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital is where both meet. We offer several therapies for muscle strengthening, but which one(s) suits you the most will be decided by our expert doctors after proper consultation, keeping in mind your body doshas, lifestyle, and certain other factors. Since Patra Pinda Sweda is usually recommended, we decided to share some information about it here.

Patra Pinda Sweda​

In PPS, we use medicinal plants and other Ayurvedic drugs tied up in a cloth. The cloth is frequently heated and applied on the body. Coconut grating, Rasnadi churna, Saindhava Lavana, lemon, Methika, etc., are among other ingredients used in Patra Pinda Sweda

Benefits of PPS:

Obesity in Men

Too much eating and too little activities are the main causes of obesity.  And in the corporate world, both are highly prevalent. Obesity is not just limited to an excessive amount of body fat but leads to other health problems also such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and some other diseases, including certain cancers.

Although genetics and hormones play a role, there are other factors also (like the ones mentioned above) that make it difficult for people to prevent obesity.  But with some changes, it is possible to keep obesity along with other health problems associated with it at bay.

Sri Vaidya solutions​

If you are obese or fear you are going to be one, take a deep breath and relax. Because we have got the solution for your problem. Our team of expert doctors, authentic Panchakarma therapists, Naturopaths, Acupressure consultants, diet counsellors, yoga trainers, and other specialists together will decide the best course of action to make you live a life without the burden of those ‘extrakilos’. But before that, you will be properly examined by our consultants using a ninefold diagnostic approach and Prakrti Vishleshan. The therapies may vary, depending on your needs. But, we have chosen to write here about the most popular of them all.


In this deep-tissue Ayurvedic massage, the body of the patient is coated with warm medicated oil and then massaged with a herbal powder mix in upward strokes. The heat generated during the process melts the excess fat. The massage is then followed by a herbalised steam to get rid of the toxins from the body. The other benefits of Udvarthanam include:

Udvarthanam steam in combination with Virechana therapies and naturopathy sessions show better results.

If you want to explore our wellness therapies in your own way, we have left the doors to customized packages wide open.

You can also avail our groom-specific packages at an affordable price.