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What is Cough??

It is an involuntary or voluntary act done to eliminate any substance that irritates the throat or airways. Coughing can be done deliberately or may indicate an illness.

It can be presented with a wide array of other symptoms according to the disease condition:

Runny nose

Sore throat

Hoarseness of voice

Shortness of breath

Heartburn or sour eructation

Acute or short term causes

Common cold


Throat infection



Chronic cough or long term causes



Acid Reflux Disease

Side effect of some medication



Exposure to air pollution

Presence of Allergic conditions

Occupational exposure to allergens


Have a question?

As we all know the antibiotics have a lot of side effects and the cough syrups are having lot of sedatives which can causes sleep after its intake. So why to take those medicines which are only giving symptomatic relief and also causing side-effects.
In Ayurveda cough is compared to Kasa. Kasa occurs when apana vayu is obstructed resulting in an increase in upward motion. Vitiation of udana vayu propels the air upward and out of the body. Vata may however lodge in the chest, back, or head resulting in pain and repeated coughing.
So our physicians will prescribe panchkarma therapies that will eliminate the excessive mucus from the respiratory tract which will balance the imbalance the kapha dosha
In sri Vaidya our physicians after examining prescribe medium which are bronchodilators, remove excess mucus and also removes bacterial and fungal growth. Also, these are having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Along with this panchakarma therapies is advised according to the condition of the patients. To get proper and complete relief.


Before things get out of hand, consult your doctor. The sooner the better