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Swarna Prashana

January 13, 2022 By admin In blog
Age old Vedic Immunization Technique Swarna Prashan is an age old vedic immunization technique which was prevalent since the ancient days. Administration of gold to children aged between 0 – 16 years on a specific day on Pushya nakshatra (star) of every month is done. So, by administrating gold on...

Asthma treatment in Ayurveda

December 11, 2021 By admin In blog
Ashtma It is a respiratory condition in which patient suffers from difficulty of breathing , shortness of breath Patients have  more trouble exhaling than inhaling because the air passages of the small bronchi become clogged and constricted with mucus, thus making it difficult for the patient to br...

Naturopathy Treatment for Headache

November 13, 2021 By admin In blog
Naturopathy Treatment for Headache
Naturopathy Treatment for Headache:- A headache is pain in somewhere in the head region, headache affects 90-99% of the population, headache can be caused by any disease inflammation, muscles contraction or vascular changes. Types of Headache Primary headaches Cluster headaches Migraine New daily pe...

Ayurveda for children

April 07, 2021 By admin In blog
It is heart-wrenching to see children on hospital beds, ICUs, and at day care clinics writhing in pain or battling for life. There is a long list of diseases that can affect the children of all ages and genders. Sometimes, parents are shocked to see what appears to be a healthy child is actually suf...